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Somtum Der Bangkok was first founded in 2012 by Thanaruek Laoraowirodge, Thai restaurateur, whose desire is to share the originality of regional cuisine from his hometown, Khon Kaen province of Thailand. He describes Somtum Der as a place “where real local recipes are available in a differentiated ambience.” The brand’s genuine spirit of Isan is reflected in every bit. Starting from the name of the restaurant, der is a common suffix widely used in Isan region. It indicates a warm invitation, which in the same time can be informative.

In 2014 Somtum Der journeyed to New York City and introduced original taste of Isan food to New Yorkers and visitors. There, the restaurant is awarded one star by Michelin, French tire company, and is listed in Michelin Guide New York City 2016 only one year after its opening and Bib Gourmand in 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Michelin Plates in Bangkok has been awarded to Somtum Der Saladeang from 2018, 2019, and 2020. Closer to home, Somtum Der also opened its branch in Ho Chi Minh City in 2016, Tokyo in 2017, and Chiang Mai, northern city of Thailand, in April 2019.

In addition to the recognition by Michelin Guide, Somtum Der has been bestowed the ‘Thai Select’ award, a prestigious certifcation of authenticity given by the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, which recognizes qualifed ingredients and distinctive, authentic Thai taste. Somtum Der with Thai Select awarded guarantee can be experienced at Somtum Der East Village New York City, Somtum Der Yoyogi Tokyo, Somtum Der Ho Chi Minh City, Somtum Der Thonglor, and Somtum Der Saladaeng.


At Somtum Der Taiwan, the menu is rotated every season in order to provide clienteles with opportunity to try more items. The list includes variety of somtum (papaya salad), moo rong hai der (Somtum Der’s signature grilled pork), Tom Saap Kra Dook Aon (spicy soup with pork gristles), Der’s style deep-fried chicken thighs and spicy salads. All are meticulously hand-picked from a long list of popular dishes at Somtum Der Bangkok, where the recipes were invented by Chef Korn, Somtum Der’s Michelin one-starred 2016 chef and one of the founders. Chef Korn also oversees every process at every branch and make sure that the quality is consistent and Somtum Der’s standard is met.

Beside Isan regional food, Somtum Der Taiwan also caters all-time-favorite Thai rice and noodles dishes like Der’s Padthai, khaopad tom yum goong (fried rice with tomyum paste) khaopad kraprao gai (fried rice with stirred fried chicken and basil leaves) and pad see eiw moo (stir fried flour noodle with sweet soy sauce and pork) similar to Somtum Der NYC and Somtum Der Ho Chi Minh City.

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